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Shipping container at sea

Rerouted shipments from the Red Sea

Unfortunately, due to international tensions in the Red Sea, there are delays to several vessels containing Seven Seas Worldwide containers. Learn more here.

Seven Seas Worldwide van in London

How much does international removals cost?

Discover how much international removals cost from the UK to our most popular destinations, how to save money when shipping and how to get a free quote.

Seven Seas Worldwide vans driving under Sydney Harbour bridge

Australian visa increase 2023/24

The Australian government wants to recruit experienced immigrants via its Skilled Migration Program. Read this blog to learn how to apply for an Australian visa.

Shipping containers in a depot

Cargo ship catches fire near Malaysia

Unfortunately, a fire broke out on a cargo ship containing a Seven Seas Worldwide container on its way to Port Klang, Malaysia, from Hong Kong. Learn more here.