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Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide?

Packing boxes and materials

Purpose-built removals boxes and materials provided

Free storage

Enjoy 2 weeks of FREE storage in both the UK and our European depot

Delivery and collection

Pick your own dates for removals shipment collection and delivery

Trusted for 25 years

Trusted with your removals shipments for over 25 years


We handle the Portugal customs clearance process

International removals: all you need to know

Thanks to year-long sunshine, friendly locals and rich historical sites, Portugal is one of the most popular European destinations for expats. From professionals and students to young families and retirees, Portugal in Western Europe is a charming new home for many. So, why not get your new life in the sun started today using our removals to Portugal service?

With over 25 years of experience helping those moving from the UK, our services simplify the entire removals process. Our in-depth local knowledge and multilingual customer service make our services the best for overseas movers.

Trusted removals for over 25 years

Cost-effective and easy-to-use, our international removals service from the UK covers all cities and areas in Portugal, including Lisbon, Braga, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Funchal and the Algarve. Here are a few more reasons to choose our removals company:

  • Free packing materials: with each MoveCube® removals order, you'll receive a measuring tape, a box cutter knife, a marker pen and a roll of parcel tape and a dispenser. Plus, three plastic floor sheets that help you estimate how much can fit in a Large, Medium or Small MoveCube®.
  • Fully secure storage service: 2 weeks of free storage services in the UK and our Belgium depot before moving your removals shipment to Portugal.
  • No hidden removals fees: as transparent Portugal shipping experts, our free instant quote tool displays a complete removals cost breakdown.
  • Pay for your removal in instalments: we won't ask for full payment as soon as you book in the UK. Instead, pay in several convenient stages throughout your shipment's journey to Portugal.
  • Full Portugal customs clearance: as experienced Portugal movers, we guide your household goods through customs. All you need to do is pack your possessions in the UK and complete your online documents


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How our European removal services work in 5 steps

Number one

Free online quick quote 
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised removals cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order in the UK, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your items
We deliver your empty removals boxes or MoveCube®, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship
Complete the online documentation. Then we'll move your removals shipment to Portugal.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your goods through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't just take our word for it

Customers love using our Portugal shipping service!


International moves to Portugal with the MoveCube®

Once you've settled on whether to move to a city or one of the many gorgeous islands in Portugal, it's time to pack your removals shipment items and book our services to move it overseas. The MoveCube®, our secure moving crate, works as your own mini shipping container. You can fill it with anything in your home, from beds and bikes to kitchen appliances and furniture.

To get started, generate a quick free removals quote and book your chosen service. Then, select a date for our company to complete a site inspection and hand over your free Starter Pack. Next, we'll bring a MoveCube® to your door to be loaded by you within a specified time. Once loaded, we'll move it to our nearest depot. Finally, complete your online documentation. Once your removal shipment arrives in Portugal, we'll deliver the MoveCube® on your scheduled delivery date.

Waving goodbye to your precious household possessions as they travel to Portugal from the UK can be difficult. For extra peace of mind, our trusted shipping company offers comprehensive insurance policies. Plus, you can monitor the MoveCube®'s location via our online tracker.


The MoveCube®, our secure moving crate, works as your own mini shipping container. You can fill it with anything in your home, from beds and bikes to kitchen appliances and furniture.

See our MoveCube® removals container in action:


What sizes of MoveCube® are there?

The MoveCube® is a removal crate unique to our removal company. It offers your household goods complete protection over long worldwide journeys to Portugal via land and sea. It is available in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small (see below for dimensions). You can order more than one MoveCube® for large households by contacting our friendly customer service team.

If you only have a few items to send, our ship boxes and bags service is your most affordable option.

Large MoveCube®

Large MoveCube® removals container*

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 2.264m

B - 61cm

Medium MoveCube®

Medium MoveCube® removals container*

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 1.114m

B - 61cm

Small MoveCube®

Small MoveCube® removals container*

H - 1.871m
W - 1.114m
L - 0.964m

B - 61cm

*Please note, the MoveCube® removals container is loaded from the side panel. 

FAQs about our overseas moving services

International removal service costs vary depending on where you're going and how much you're shipping. Use our free online quote tool for a cost breakdown specific to your needs.

There are no duties on shipping used personal items to Portugal. However, please be aware that customs officials might request the shipment owner be present in Portugal before their removals shipment arrives. 

Check out our Prohibited Goods page for an up-to-date list of items banned from importation into Portugal.

After you've booked our removal services, log into your online account and complete the following documents:

  • An inventory listing the entire contents of the MoveCube® removal container.
  • Scans of the shipment owner's valid passport picture and signature pages.
  • Destination address, email, and contact phone number of the shipment owner.
  • Optional insurance forms to protect your household goods in the rare case of loss or damage.

Customs officials in Portugal will review these forms, so accuracy is a must. Our multilingual customer service team can help if you have any questions.

We do! For international removals, you can enjoy 2 weeks of free storage services at our secure company storage facilities in your origin country and our Belgium depot before being relocated to Portugal.

If your plans change and you need longer storage, let us know 24 hours or more ahead of your MoveCube® loading day.

Like all countries, Portugal has a list of prohibited goods banned from importation. Such safeguards have been put in place to protect its citizens and environment. Please reference our Prohibited Goods page as you pack your removals shipment to avoid costly fines or delays.

How long does your service to Portugal from the UK take?*


Removals by land

40 days

*estimated timings dependent on global shipping circumstances


How to pack boxes for international relocation in 4 steps

When moving to Portugal, it's essential to wrap and pack your removals shipment securely. We recommend hiring a professional packing service to do it for you, removing stress. If packing alone, give yourself plenty of time and follow the 4 steps below. Check out our in-depth packing guides for further advice, including How to load a MoveCube® and How to pack our boxes



Cut down on clutter!:

Walk from room to room and decide what you need to take. Decluttering is an excellent opportunity to say goodbye to possessions simply taking up space. After all, you save money the less you ship to Portugal.

eBay and Facebook Marketplace are excellent resources to generate extra cash for unwanted goods. For everything else, high street charity shops will happily take them. If you have any broken or unusable items, take them to your local recycling centre.


Be gentle with fragile items:

Create a base by sealing your removal box's cardboard flaps with three layers of overlapping parcel tape. Repeat when sealing the top. Cover every item in bubble wrap and use two or more layers for fragile goods. Place heavy items at the bottom and lighter effects on top.

Fill gaps with soft materials like towels or packing paper. When your box is full, give it a little shake. If you hear a sound, add more soft materials.


Guarantee a parking spot for our mover's vehicle:

Buy any necessary parking tickets or permits before the MoveCube® arrives for a successful loading day. Our movers must be able to park within twenty meters of your building's entrance.

It is your responsibility to load the MoveCube® removals container. Our driver can loan you a trolley to help move containers, but they must always keep the vehicle within their line of sight.


Spread weight evenly in the MoveCube®:

Before loading the MoveCube®, use the corresponding floor sheets in your Starter Pack to check your possessions fit inside. Place heavy items at the bottom and centre and lighter containers on top and to the sides.

If you see a space, try to fill it with a container. Avoid using loose items, which could easily break or cause damage during removal to Portugal.

Super quick and easy removals service. Very good communication and prompt bookings for deliveries. Our goods arrived in perfect condition, and the scheduled pick-up and delivery were a breeze. They give very useful information to ensure you don't get any unwanted charges at the border or during transport. It really took a load off our minds during the move. I would highly recommend this service: very friendly and helpful staff and very affordable for the door-to-door services on offer.



Relocating to Portugal: a step-by-step guide

Woman looking at a beach and the ocean in Portugal


In Portuguese culture, people prioritise time spent with their families and making the most of the beautiful weather. So, if you're relocating for a slower pace of life, somewhere to raise a family, or a laid-back home to retire to, Portugal is the place to be. But before you race to the airport, here are some essential facts to help with your move:

Types of visas: European Union and Schengen Area citizens can reside in Portugal for up to three months before registering with local authorities. If you are a non-EU citizen wanting to settle, you must apply for a residency visa. Entry requirements include intent to study, work and having enough funds to retire.

Job opportunities: learning Portuguese is highly beneficial as fewer English-speaking jobs are available. In-demand company roles include hotel workers, Information Technology (IT) experts and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare: Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS) provides publicly-funded universal health coverage for all but does not include dental care. It is free for those under 18s or over 65s, and costs are low for everyone else.

Education: schooling is free in Portugal and compulsory for children aged six to eighteen. Pre-schools offer places to children aged three to five. High-ranking institutions of further education include the University of Lisbon and the University of Porto.

Lifestyle: as one of the warmest European countries, it's enough to tempt anyone to move to Portugal. However, the welcoming people, historical sites and delicious wine might be why you stay. From the delicious food to the laid-back way of life, there's plenty for expats to savour.



European removals checklist

Our overseas removals service takes the stress out of shipping your home contents to Portugal. However, this handy list can help guide you through everything else:

  • Gather your documents: place all essential documents, such as bank statements, passports and birth certificates, in one place. Doing so gives you quick access to them when needed.
  • Apply for a visa: thoroughly research the correct Portuguese visa for you and your family, then apply and await approval.
  • Arrange accommodation in Portugal: sell or rent your home, then decide whether to buy or rent once in Portugal. Renting gives you more time to settle into your new surroundings before making a big decision, such as purchasing a home.
  • Book an international removals company: generate a quick free quote on our website, then let us know a suitable date to bring a MoveCube® or MoveCubes® to your home to be loaded by you.
  • Arrange travel to Portugal: as a customs rule, you must arrive in Portugal before your removal shipment. Book flights as soon as possible and settle into your new home completely stress-free.
  • Sort your finances: inform your bank you're moving to Portugal. Remember to withdraw some spare cash for last-minute purchases and emergencies. When you settle in Portugal find a suitable Portuguese bank.
  • Speak to a doctor: if you take regular medication, request a three-month supply. You will then have plenty of time to arrange new healthcare once in Portugal.
  • Pet relocation: if your four-legged friends are joining you in Portugal, arrange their vaccinations and secure a safe pet carrier service for transportation.
  • Have a declutter: consider what household goods you need to take. The less you ship, the cheaper it will be. Sell, donate, or recycle what you no longer need.
  • Pack your removals shipment: carefully wrap and pack all your household effects. Then, for a successful MoveCube® loading day, take them as close to the entrance of your home as you can.
  • Settle into your new home: we'll notify you once your removals shipment has cleared customs. Then, log in to your online account and schedule a delivery date. Finally, unload your possessions and get your exciting new life in Portugal started!