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Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide

Packing boxes and materials

Purpose-built delivery boxes and materials provided

Trusted for 25 years

Trusted with your student shipments for over 25 years

Delivery and collection

Pick your own dates for box delivery and collection

Free storage

Fully flexible student storage that adapts to your needs

Relax to pack

For student storage, pack in your own time, then contact us for collection

Trusted worldwide student shipping

University is one of the most exciting times in our lives. A chance to make friends for life, expand our horizons, prepare for work, and become truly independent for the first time while studying overseas. With so many great things to enjoy, we're sure the last thing on your mind is student shipping! That's where we come in. Since we're former students ourselves, we understand precisely what you need.

As a trusted student luggage delivery company, we offer the best student shipping services. With over 25 years of experience, our expert team provide round-the-clock customer service and in-depth local knowledge to ensure the safe delivery of your baggage. Whether you want to ship student luggage home for the summer or store some items for a short period of time, our student services have you covered.

International box and bag shipping on a student budget

When it comes to sending luggage overseas, our services take care of all your student shipping needs. Utilising more than two decades of experience, we ship luggage to many destination countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Here are just a few of the many benefits when choosing our student shipping service:

  • No hidden fees: generate a free instant quote today for a clear breakdown of costs during all stages of our student services, including customs clearance, handling, and transportation. Plus, we'll never ask for full payment upfront. Instead, you can pay in easy-to-manage instalments. 
  • End-to-end student services: after placing an order, choose suitable dates so we can drop off your packing materials and collect your shipment. All you need to do is fill in some online documents, finish your latest uni assignment, and we'll take care of the rest!
  • Multilingual customer service: since we control a global network of international depots, we can assist you from start to finish. From local customs knowledge to customer service advisors who speak various languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Afrikaans, you'll feel supported at every step of your student shipping journey.


When it comes to sending luggage overseas, our services take care of all your student shipping needs.
Woman packing books into a shipping box


Our student luggage delivery in 5 steps

Number one

Free online quick quote 
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised delivery cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

Pick your dates
When placing your order, choose the materials delivery and shipment collection dates that suit you.

Number three

Securely pack your baggage
We deliver your empty shipping boxes, ready for you to fill.

Number four

We collect and ship your student luggage
Complete the online documentation. Then, we'll transport your shipment to its destination.

Number five

Delivered to your address
Our team will clear your luggage through customs and deliver them safely to your new home.

Don't just take our word for it

Students love our delivery service!


FAQs about our overseas shipping service

One of the ways our student shipping services make luggage delivery easy is by allowing you to order at your leisure from wherever you happen to be. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Grab a free instant quote for a transparent breakdown of delivery costs. Then, place your order, pay the small security deposit and choose suitable dates for us to bring any of our empty boxes and packing materials you require.
  2. Next, securely pack up all your baggage into boxes, bags and suitcases and complete your online documentation, including an inventory of every item shipped, customs documentation, and optional premier or basic insurance. Then, we'll collect your student shipment and take it to our nearest depot.
  3. After your Shipping and Transportation payment has been made, we'll take your luggage to their destination city and clear them through customs. Once your goods have arrived, log onto your online account, pay the final destination charge and select a suitable date so we can deliver your shipment. 

Delivery times vary depending on where your shipment is going and how soon you need it. Air shipping service is the quickest option, but costs slightly more. Sea shipping takes a little longer and is cheaper. Plus, it produces fewer carbon emissions, making this service better for the environment. 

Grab a free instant quote today for accurate transit times.

For a precise cost breakdown of our services, use our free online quote tool. It only takes a few minutes and shows a breakdown of all fees, including shipping and destination charges. Unlike most shipping companies, we control the entire process, which allows us to be completely transparent.

Each country has a list of items that cannot be imported to protect its citizens and environment. Avoid costly fines and delays by reading up on our Prohibited Goods page before packing.

To ensure your goods arrive via the quickest and most efficient method possible, all shipping and air routes are predefined and cannot be altered.

What are the best boxes to use for student storage and shipping?

With over 25 years of experience shipping worldwide, we know precisely how strong a container needs to be to protect your personal effects over long journeys. For this reason, we have created chemically-strengthened, double-walled cardboard boxes.

If you want to ship unusually-shaped items such as musical instruments or sports equipment, prepare them as securely as possible - for example, a hard case for a guitar or a bag and several layers of bubble wrap for a surfboard. Doing so ensures they safely reach our depot, where we will pack them using high-quality packing materials and boxes designed to fit your items. Plus, the best part about our boxes is you can order as many as you like! We'll even collect whatever you don't use for free (if they remain unused).

Large cardboard shipping box

Large shipping boxes

External dimensions:

61 x 51 x 41cm / 24 x 20 x 16.14 inches

Best for:

  • Teddy bears
  • Clothes
  • Bed sheets and pillows
Small cardboard shipping box

Standard boxes

External dimensions:

51 x 41 x 31cm / 20 x 16.14 x 12.2 inches

Best for: 

  • Notebooks and folders
  • Textbooks
  • Kitchen utensils


4 student space-saving packing tips

Maximising space when packing can be a challenge. However, with a few simple techniques, you can ensure your belongings make it to your destination safely and efficiently. Read on for our top 4 space-saving tips when sending luggage abroad using our services.



Have a declutter:

Carefully examine everything you have amassed and decide what's worth keeping.

Options include selling spare items online to help lower shipping costs via eBay or Facebook Marketplace, donating to your local charity shop, and recycling. 


Vacuum pack:

Fold and neatly place your clothes into a vacuum storage bag, then seal it. Next, suck out the bag's air with a vacuum cleaner.

Like magic, your bag will shrink to around half its size, allowing you to pack more items.


Roll your clothes:

Instead of folding your clothes, rolling is an effective way to save space when packing.

Tightly-packed clothes take up less room than folded clothes and, as long as they are clean and dry, are also less likely to wrinkle!


Make use of smaller bags:

Bags, such as toiletry or shoe bags, can help keep your items organised and maximise space.

Using separate bags means your belongings are less likely to get lost in larger bags, and you can stack the smaller bags on top of each other to save space.

I had an amazing experience! I shipped 4 large clothes boxes from the US to Hong Kong when I moved out of college, and I felt my stuff was safe the entire time. Seven Seas Worldwide's customer service is honestly incredible. It's 24/7, and they can answer literally all your questions. When my boxes arrived, they were in perfect condition - no damage, no mould, etc. I will be using them again if I ever need to.



5 things every international student must try before graduating

University students walking along and talking


Graduating college is a significant milestone and a turning point in our lives. By getting involved, making connections, and reflecting, you can create lasting memories and set yourself up for success in later life.

To make the most of your college experience, take a look at our checklist of the top ten things to do before you graduate. 


University student experiences checklist


1. Get involved in extracurricular activities: most universities have a range of clubs you can join, including sports, student organisations and charity work. Not only will this help you develop new skills, make new friends, and create lasting memories, but it will also look attractive to employers.

2. Attend campus social events: we're only young once! Take advantage of the opportunity to attend concerts, parties and social outings. An active social life allows you to intimately connect with your peers and let your hair down after intense study periods.

3. Soak up your host country: you might never return, so fully immerse yourself in a new culture. Doing so challenges you to broaden your horizons, learn a new language, discover new things about yourself, and make international connections.

4. Attend career fairs and networking events: explore career options as early as possible. Attend networking events and job expos to meet professionals in your field and learn about upcoming opportunities. The connections you make now could become lifelong partnerships.

5. Get involved in research: participating in research projects offers hands-on experience and helps you to develop a deeper understanding of your field of study.