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Importing personal belongings

As you know the global logistics business is huge and as such there is specific rules and regulations in place designed to support the shipping of high volume, high value commercial goods. But what about shipping personal belongings?

Over the last 25 years we have been working with customs authorities all over the world to make this process as easy as possible particularly for our customers. We were the first personal shipping company to put all our documentation online.

Here we have consolidated the customs advice for each destination in order to help you understand the requirements and the condition of your items before you pack and ship.

What are the potential consequences if a shipment contains an item where the customs advice hasn’t been followed.

  • Customs can charge you duty or a fine
  • You may delay your shipment
  • The items or shipment may be destroyed
  • You may incur additional charges

We also have more general information on avoiding unnecessary charges and a complete list of prohibited goods in the ‘Other useful content’ section at the bottom of this page.

Customs advice
Did you know?

We recommend you empty and remove your vacuum cleaner bag if you are shipping it to the USA.

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