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Top countries to live in: finding a new home overseas

At some stage, we've all considered moving to another country for a fresh start and a better life. The reasons are endless: career opportunities, warmer weather, good schools, new adventures and so on. But, crucially, there should be a balance between our working and personal lives. The best countries to live in based on the current combined data of the Global Happiness Index, Global Peace Index and GDP per capita league table, are the Netherlands, Iceland and Luxembourg.

In this blog, we take a deep dive into the best places to live and work worldwide, covering European and Asian-specific countries, dream destinations, the best countries for a high a quality of life and more.

Top 4 best places to live in the world that look like paradise

Maui, Bora Bora, the Seychelles and Santorini are considered some of the most beautiful places to live in the world due to their stunning paradise like landscapes, pleasant climates and high quality of life.

Here, we take a closer look at these four idyllic countries so you can start planning your dream life:


Sunset on a beach in Hawaii


1. Maui, Hawaii, USA:

The island of Maui is full of lush landscapes, pristine beaches and a broad range of exciting outdoor activities.

Life on the island is laid-back and fun, including all the comforts of modern technology and amenities. The tropical climate, vibrant culture, and strong community create a paradise-like atmosphere.

However, be warned: you might have to pinch yourself to remember it's real!

Mountains and ocean in Bora Bora


2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

The tropical paradise of Bora Bora captivates everyone thanks to breathtaking beauty and a tranquil ambience.

Picture yourself working and enjoying life surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters, overwater bungalows and lush greenery — heaven!

The island's warm climate and vibrant marine life create an idyllic setting for those seeking a serene country to settle in.

A waterfall in the Seychelles


3. The Republic of Seychelles, Africa:

Seychelles is a country archipelago consisting of one hundred and fifteen islands in the Indian Ocean.

The country boasts pristine white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and dream-like tropical landscapes. Living in Seychelles offers you and your family a relaxed and unhurried pace of life surrounded by unique flora and wildlife.

Every day in the country will bring a brand new discovery!

Houses in Santorini


4. Santorini, Greece:

Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea and part of the country of Greece. It's known for its iconic white-washed buildings, crystal-clear waters and stunning sunsets.

Life on the Greek island offers rich cultural experiences and tasty Mediterranean cuisine alongside laid-back, friendly locals.

The charming villages and ancient landmarks contribute to the alluring atmosphere.


What is the best country for nurses to work and live?

Canada is considered the best country for nurses to work and live due to a high demand for nursing skills. It has considerable job opportunities, top living standards and a welcoming environment, you may also qualify for express entry via the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Requirements include at least one year of continuous experience, relevant nursing skills and education, and English language ability.


Top European countries offering work-life balance

Spain, France and Austria are often hailed as the best European places to live in and work. However, we suggest doing plenty of research, as with 44 countries in the EU to pick from, choosing the best home will depend on your particular priorities and preferences.

Here's further information about each country mentioned above and why they are so popular with expats.

1. Spain: 

While the allure of sunshine, siestas and tasty cuisine is enough to make anyone relocate, we can also add a happy work-life balance! A sky-high 36 days of statutory annual leave, a welcoming attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community and an average working week of twenty-five hours help make moving to Spain an easy choice.

2. France: 

As one of the most-visited and culturally rich European countries, French businesses have long understood the need for a happy personal life. Workers enjoy a generous pension, a fair minimum wage (13.33 USD per hour) and 36 days of statutory annual leave.

3. Austria: 

Austria is a wealthy Central European country known for its varied cultural offerings, classical music and architectural beauty. Austrian employees enjoy 38 days of annual leave, an average working week of 26.9 hours and one of the world's best healthcare systems!

Collage of European countries
Collage of images of the UAE, Singapore and Japan

Best Asian countries to live and work

The United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Japan are amongst the best Asian places to live in and work, as their booming economies and ultra-modern cities make them a beacon for professionals worldwide.

Here are even more reasons why a move to these three countries is so attractive.

1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): 

Independent research by the Serco Institute found that 90% of UAE citizens are happy with government services. Considering expats comprise 89% of the country's population, there can hardly be a more remarkable testament!

The job market thrives thanks to tax-free incomes, large oil reserves and growing expat communities. Move to the UAE and enjoy low crime rates, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and luxurious amenities.

2. The Republic of Singapore: 

The reasons to begin a new working life in Singapore are endless. Unemployment is low, the economy is strong, and a flourishing multicultural atmosphere exists. Expats can expect a high standard of life, efficient public services and clean, safe streets.

3. Japan: 

Japan is a fascinating mix of futuristic cities and centuries-old, untouched rural villages. The benefits of moving to the country include innovative technology, a strong economy and a rich cultural heritage.

Plus, Japan is recognised worldwide for its high-quality education and healthcare systems.


Countries with highest standard of living

Norway, Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands are the countries with the highest standard of living according to the Standard of Living Index. While working out the most desirable country to move to is open to interpretation, this index is an excellent jumping-off point. It gives countries an overall score based on categories such as human rights, democracy, strength of economy and healthcare, helping you make the best choice possible.

Here's more about the current top four countries:


Norway flag pinpoint icon

1. Norway

Norway is a country renowned for its prosperous economy, conscientious future planning, strong social welfare system and breathtaking natural landscapes. The country consistently ranks high in indexes for offering a top-quality life.

Plus, cities like Oslo offer residents a culturally rich life with a heavy focus on sustainability.

Standard of living score: 97.43

Human rights score: 100

Economy score: 100

Health score: 100

Democracy score: 94

Finland flag pinpoint icon

2. Finland

According to the World Happiness Report, Finland has topped the list for the last six years!

Finnish society emphasises social equality, robust education, a connection to nature and a healthy work-life balance. The streets are safe, corruption is low, and healthcare is easily accessible.

Standard of living score: 97.21

Human rights score: 96

Economy score: 99

Health score: 100

Democracy score: 99

Ireland flag pinpoint icon

3. Ireland

Many people dream of moving to the Ireland thanks to a booming economy, universal healthcare and a wealth of jobs. The country's dreamy landscapes and celebrated cultural output contribute to a high quality of life.

The welcoming communities and robust social welfare system make it an undeniably attractive country to live in.

Standard of living score: 96.08

Human rights score: 100

Economy score: 100

Health score: 98

Democracy score: 98

Netherlands flag pinpoint icon

4. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country famous for its open and tolerant society, efficient public services and commitment to personal freedoms. English is spoken widely, allowing expatriates to integrate into the country easily.

Cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are popular for their modernity, cultural options and job opportunities.

Standard of living score: 95.26

Human rights score: 96

Economy score: 100

Health score: 100

Democracy score: 100


Best countries for job opportunities

Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland and Hong Kong are regarded as four of the best countries for job opportunities due to their dynamic economies, so head to these destinations for an excellent chance of securing a well-paid career with outstanding benefits.

1. Qatar: 

Qatar's rapidly growing economy has opened the door for construction, finance, and energy roles. The country attracts ambitious international talent thanks to its strategic location and boasts a staggeringly low unemployment rate of 0.1%.

2. Sweden: 

Sweden is a country known for its good work-life balance. There are excellent job opportunities in technology, healthcare and engineering. Current in-demand roles include manufacturing, sales, IT and logistics. Professionals flock there yearly, seeking a dynamic work environment in an inclusive, socially conscious country.

3. Switzerland: 

Switzerland is a global financial hub offering exceptional job opportunities in banking and finance. Renowned for its high quality of life and tasty chocolate, the country attracts skilled, ambitious professionals. A robust economy, efficient infrastructure and a reputation for innovation add to the country's attraction.

4. Hong Kong: 

Many expats move to Hong Kong due to its booming business hub. There are ample job roles in finance, trade and technology. The city is best known for its bustling urban lifestyle and global outlook, attracting professionals looking to thrive in one of the world's leading economic powerhouses.

Many expats move to Hong Kong due to its booming business hub.
Man in a suit walking in a city


Young people climbing a mountain


Best English-speaking countries to live in

The UK, New Zealand and the USA are considered the best English-speaking countries to live in due to job opportunities, culture and natural beauty.

As the birthplace of the English language, the United Kingdom offers a unique cultural experience. Enjoy quaint towns, historical sites and thriving, multicultural cities like London and Edinburgh.

Across the pond, chase the American Dream and move to the United States,  is a vast and diverse country. Major cities like New York and Los Angeles are famous for their cultural exports and top innovation.

Finally, it's hard to beat the stunning landscapes and natural beauty of New Zealand. English is the predominant language in the country, and cities like Auckland and Wellington offer residents varied outdoor sports and a laid-back life.


Best countries to live in for young adults

Australia, Denmark and Costa Rica are three of the best countries to live in for young adults.

Whether you're eager for year-long sunshine, a laid-back lifestyle or a sense of social consciousness, or have just graduated from university and want to embark on an adventure, the following countries have plenty to offer.

1. Australia: 

Young adults wishing to move overseas and live in a country that looks like paradise, look no further, it's time for a move to Australia! Boasting breathtaking landscapes, friendly people and endless yearly sunshine, it's no surprise people flock yearly.

Discover dynamic lifestyles in cities like Sydney and Melbourne due to a mix of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Plus, the country offers no loss of earnings when sick, a high minimum hourly wage of AU$23.23 and government-funded healthcare for all. Result!

2. Denmark: 

The Scandinavian haven is recognised globally as a fun and happy country to live in. Taxes are steep, but the reward is one of the world's best living standards. Students receive free higher education, and all occupations receive a good wage, so people can live life to the max.

Bicycle-friendly, culture-rich and socially conscious cities like Copenhagen offer a welcoming environment for young individuals.

3. Costa Rica: 

Young people looking for a touch of the exotic flock to the country of Costa Rica for its commitment to environmental sustainability, natural beauty and the pura vida lifestyle.

The country's government focuses on pensions, healthcare and education to raise generations of content, well-adjusted people. With the added benefit of stunning sights and gorgeous weather, it's no wonder young Costa Ricans can't stop smiling!

What is the safest country in the world?

Iceland has been ranked as the safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index (GPI) for a staggering fourteenth year in a row. Beating 162 countries based on 23 indicators, Iceland scored high on everything from wealth and social welfare to education and the justice system. The top five runner-up countries were Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and Austria.


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