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Places that will pay you to move there internationally

Places that will pay you to move there include the USA, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, and Japan, offering incentives such as cash on arrival, yearly payments, free co-working spaces and sports and leisure passes.

Moving to a foreign country is more attainable than ever in today's ultra-connected world. Is your dream to start a new adventure abroad, but you worry you don't have the funds to make it a reality? Luckily, as several countries offer financial rewards to individuals and families willing to relocate as it boosts economies, cultures, community spirit and more, there's never been a better time to realise your dreams.

Houses in Zurich, Switzerland


Places that pay you to live there in Europe

It might be hard to believe, but there some European countries that pay you to move there. Whether it's Italy's stylish culture, Greece's ancient ruins, Spain's Mediterranean beaches, Ireland's friendly locals or Switzerland's pristine Alpine landscapes, there's a country for everyone.


Despite its stunning islands, ancient ruins and Mediterranean charm, Greece is another European nation suffering from population decline.

Move to Ireland and get paid

Ireland recently announced Our Living Islands, a program designed to increase the population of 30 coastal islands, currently totalling just 3,000.

Individuals willing to buy and renovate vacant homes could receive cash grants of up to €84,000 (US$91,039.20*) to move there. The Irish government aims to diversify the islands' economies, empower communities and build sustainable futures. Great news for remote workers and digital nomads!


Albinen Switzerland relocation

Continuing the theme of remote living, a town in Switzerland has a unique opportunity for expats looking to relocate there. To help reduce its declining population, Albinen is offering 20,000 Swiss Francs (US$22,144.44*) to adults under 45 willing to make the move to Switzerland, often considered one of the best countries to work and live. Plus, an additional 10,000 Swiss Francs (US$11,072.22*) for each child! Conditions include buying a home worth over 200,000 Swiss Francs (US$221,444.40*), staying for at least ten years and becoming a Swiss citizen.

To apply to move to Albinen:

  • Apply for either a Swiss work visa, study visa or family visa.
  • Wait for approval and then request the appropriate residence permit.
  • Get the Swiss C Residence Permit (the permanent residence permit).


Get paid to move to Spain

As one of the most-visited countries in the world, moving to Spain is an aspiration for many. Think long, hot summers, golden beaches, exquisite wine and welcoming locals. Thanks to Spain's ever-growing urban cities, the population of towns and villages has taken a hit.

So, Ponga, Asturias plans to boost the local economy by tempting skilled workers from other countries. Incoming families will receive €2,971 (US$3221.20*) to move and an additional €2,971 for each newborn baby. Sounds like a good deal!


Move to Greece and get paid

Despite its stunning islands, ancient ruins and Mediterranean charm, Greece is another European country suffering from population decline. The fall is currently forecast to continue sharply until 2050 and beyond. But, one Greek island with just 45 permanent residents is taking a proactive approach to attract newcomers to make the move.

Antikythera, via the Greek Orthodox Church, offers new residents €500 (US$542.11*) per month for their first three years on the island. "We need young families large enough to make Antikythera alive and full of children's voices," declared Antikythera mayor Efstaratios Charcalakis.

The initiative aims to boost the island's population back to its 300 peak in the early twentieth century. Antikythera promises a tranquil rural lifestyle, surrounded by stunning beaches and a delightful Greek climate. However, there is only one doctor, one shop, and no banks.

*according to exchange rates on the day of writing.

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3 cheapest European countries to live in

Are you thinking about moving to another country but are on a tight budget? Don't worry; many European countries offer high-quality living at a low cost — and some are actually cheaper than your home country!

Here are the three most affordable EU countries with their basic living costs:


Avg. monthly rent* £325.24 (US$414.35)
Monthly utilities £89.95 (US$114.59)
Basic groceries** £10.24 (US$13.10)
Petrol (1 litre) £1.19 (US$1.52)
Meal for two £28.37 (US$36.15)


Avg. monthly rent* £798.40 (US$1,017.16)
Monthly utilities £95.10 (US$121.16)
Basic groceries** £10.74 (US$13.57)
Petrol (1 litre) £1.53 (US$1.95)
Meal for two £34.16 (US$43.52)


Avg. monthly rent* £488.70 (US$622.60)
Monthly utilities £56.35 (US$71.79)
Basic groceries** £8.99 (US$11.50)
Petrol (1 litre) £0.92 (US$1.18)
Meal for two £29.62 (US$37.74)

Sources: Numbeo, Expatistan

*1-bed apartment in the city centre

**1 litre of milk, bread (500g), 12 large eggs, cheese (500g), apples (1kg)

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Get paid to move to Italy

Italy's dreamy landscapes, celebrated cuisine and historic culture, attract millions of tourists yearly. But have you ever fantasised about making the country your permanent home? Well, you might be in luck! A steady fall in Italy's population since 2014 has affected regional towns the hardest. So, local governments are offering relocation grants and other financial incentives to incoming expat communities.

Here, we take a closer look at a few of the options available:

*according to exchange rates on the day of writing.


View looking over Mt. Fuji


Will Japan pay you to move there?

Yes, you can get paid to move to Japan! Like many Asian nations, Japan's birth rate is falling at an alarming rate. 2023 saw just 758,631 babies born — a 5.1% decline from 2022 and far lower than the highs of two million new births in the 1970s.

As a result, the Japanese government is keen to attract immigrants who are willing to relocate to rural areas that need a population boost. The Regional Revitalization Program offers worldwide expats up to ¥4,800,000 (US$31,725.68*) in funding and support.

*according to exchange rates on the day of writing.


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US states that pay you to move there

The Land of Opportunity beacons millions yearly thanks to its stunning and varied landscapes, diverse cities, endless innovation and alluring popular culture. Many American states offer cash and reward incentives to immigrant and remote workers considering moving to the USA. You can use MakeMyMove to find the ideal home for you and your family in a state that will pay you to move.


Do you get paid to live in Alaska?

Yes, to get paid to live in Alaska, apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend as all eligible residents who make the state their home for a full calendar year can earn a US$1,312 salary annually. The amount varies yearly and reached an all-time high of US$3,284 in 2022!


Get paid to move to Oklahoma

The Tulsa Remote program offers grants of US$10,000 to remote workers who move to Tulsa for at least a year. Applicants must be over 18, have lived outside Oklahoma for over a year before moving, and relocate within 12 months of approval.


How can I get paid to move to Indiana?

To get paid to move to Indiana, consider relocating to Noblesville, a town that offers benefit packages costing up to US$15,000, including a US$5,000 relocation grant, a year's co-working space membership, a season pass to Forest Park Aquatic Center and much more. However, dozens of other cities and regions across Indiana also offer incentives to entice new residents, so do your research to find the best deal!  


Does West Virginia pay you to move there?

Ascend West Virginia offers eligible recipients a relocation package worth over US$20,000. Perks include US$12,000 cash, social events and free skiing, rock climbing and golf to make the most of the state's rugged landscapes.


Will I get money to move to Kentucky?

Eight cities and towns across Kentucky have packages designed to entice new workers. Moving to Mayfield and Graves County includes US$5,000 cash, a 50% discount on after-school childcare and lunch with the mayor!

Plus, several cities offer a US$2,500 bonus for workers who bring a spouse experienced in the healthcare or education sector.

The Land of Opportunity beacons millions yearly thanks to its stunning and varied landscapes, diverse cities, endless innovation and alluring popular culture.
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Woman canoeing on a lake in Canada

Can I get paid to move to Canada?

To get paid to move to Canada, you need to be a student. By applying for Saskatchewan's Graduate Retention Program, college students can earn CA$20,000 (US$14,707.10*) in tuition fee reimbursement for four years of study, CA$15,000 (US$11,030.32*) for three years, CA$6,400 (US$4,706.27*) for two or three-year diplomas, and CA$3,000 (US$2,206.07*) for one year.

Graduates must achieve a certificate, diploma, or undergraduate degree from an approved Canadian educational facility and live, or plan to live in Saskatchewan.

*according to exchange rates on the day of writing.